Monday, September 18, 2006

A loner's chronicle

A loner’s chronicle…

“My name is Al Pacino. As you can see without make up I am not the same. Hehehe”.
Anyway, the thing is I Apoorva A G have reached the point in my life where I feel at peace with myself. There is tranquility in my soul, but with an underlying, understated tension that prevents laxity. Now Al Pacino comes into picture because if I had his charm, then you’d marvel at my state of mind. Hoo ha! Charm gets noticed, you know.
There are people around me, not showing any signs of growing up. There are people obsessed with making an impression on others, people who judge one another on appearances, people who are arrogant for no substantial reason, people who are pretentious to the core. All this makes me amused with that slightest trace of anger creeping in my face. (I am achieving Al Pacino’s look!)
I see Miss Y and Mr. X making fun of my face. I want to say to them “ look at you! I am much nearer to perfection than you can ever dream to be”. But no, I will not say it, because, I am tranquil. I have that subtle force called confidence you know. People will never know that I know they are only jealous. They are just being kids. GROW UP!!! GROW UP!!!
Here is the deal; I do not want to be with these people. They believe that I cant live without them. Ah well, (with a serene Al Pacino smirk “ I can dearies”)
A list of things we (supposedly) arrogant loners can do:
(Join in loners. Here is the secret of our eternal bliss).
Read (why do we need anyone for THIS!)
Write (nah. not even another soul required)
Think (sets us loners apart from the usual ‘lot’)
Watch ‘scent of a woman’ and learn Al Pacino’s charm! (Hoo ha!, get lost you crazy little miserable twits! Hoo ha!)
I got a forwarded message saying if I didn’t forward it to at least ‘N’ people I would have the loneliest life. I deleted it. Now I will have the loneliEST life. What fun!! Hoo ha!