Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sorry for the interruption..

Only streamers and festoons from now on. I promise!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Incoherence you think?

There is nothing I can do about the way I am. Absolutely nothing. My mistake in encouraging deranged behavior perhaps. Am I too late? If not, why am I so bothered? One thing in life, you can’t change an iota of anything. Other human beings are things too for an individual. They have become things now. Do I disgust you? Smirk. Look into yourself. Oh no… sorry. I forgot you think you are perfect. My apologies.

Q;You know what you strike with your ball in a bowling alley?

I still haven't got the answer.


Lonely (Content though). My respect is gone. (Content) Considered foolish by so-called friends. (Can’t do anything about it). Have a mentally deranged ‘friend’ who is obsessed with the exact opposite (of me) kind of women. Makes me sad (content anyway)
What should I do? Tell me please. Until then, pass me the drink. Give me my pen and paper. Go then.