Monday, March 12, 2007

Incoherence you think?

There is nothing I can do about the way I am. Absolutely nothing. My mistake in encouraging deranged behavior perhaps. Am I too late? If not, why am I so bothered? One thing in life, you can’t change an iota of anything. Other human beings are things too for an individual. They have become things now. Do I disgust you? Smirk. Look into yourself. Oh no… sorry. I forgot you think you are perfect. My apologies.

Q;You know what you strike with your ball in a bowling alley?

I still haven't got the answer.


Silentmonk said...

We make mistakes only when we like someone too much!!! Too Late ???? Only you know and only yuo can change.... Life teaches us many things.... take it as a lesson and try to move on dignified... Dont think like you lost or something, just move on !!! dont let your pride hurt... Hope I make sense

an experience...nothing short of it said...

right. thanks mate

aravind366 said...

If u r really bothered then act upon it. Try to make some adjustments, its a layman's world anyway. Doesn't mean u have to change urself or such crap... but think closely n u can c a problem , a specific one, either (less likely) with ur approach to them (things??? no... humans sweetheart) or their complete failure to appreciate ur paradigm. whatever the case may b, it has a solution as specific as the problem. Friends (people who truly believe in you) might b of help, talk it out with them... But remember one thing, "nothing, except a true sense of improvement, should affect your self-concept"
yes its too late!!! you've started writing bout it...
hurry up