Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yeah so it’s Valentine’s Day and I am thinking to myself, “lucky people in love”. I find it really cute that people think of telling their loved ones on this day about how they really feel. Valentine’s Day brings to mind the images of pink stuff, be it kittens, flowers, cards, balloons, letters written on pink paper and condoms maybe? I don’t know, I just ran out of things to list.

Well anyway, this V day too, considering no one is going to tell me how they feel, I am single. I have never had my fairy tale romance. No man/ woman/ man- pretending –to- be-a- woman/ woman- pretending to- be-a- man has ever told me that they will love me till the end of the world. I have got the odd rose or an odd letter or an odd ‘I love you’ from a couple of young men gallant enough to fleetingly love me.

How much do we experience real love? With our parents, our siblings, our grandparents, our close friends, our pets, I mean with these people its a pure, unadulterated feeling of togetherness. I think we should take time out to genuinely appreciate and cherish that more.

Real love can also be towards our profession, the work we do, the hobbies we nurture, really anything that we dive into and become one with.

Coming to the mushy sweetheart love, if u get that, great. But if you don’t, there may be someone out there who may really love you in secret. Think if the one person who is there with you in the hardest of times, who listens to you no matter how busy he/she is, who goes out of the way to make life easier for you. If there is such a person, make V day about them. Love them back. Nobody will appreciate it more than they will. Its worth loving such a person.

If there is no such person either, doesn’t matter. The whole object of V day is to love, whether you get love back in return or not. Most importantly, never lose hope, because love is all around! You just have to be gracious enough to acknowledge its presence.

Wishing you luck and a great day! Cheers.