Monday, August 28, 2006

My sister and I

My sister and I

This looks like a book’s title “the king and I’ or maybe a movie title like “Anita and me”. Sorry for the cliché. This is not only about my sister and I; it’s about all the siblings in the world who are spaced significant a 3 or 4 year apart.
The joys of being the elder one are so many. Our mothers tell us we’re going to get a new baby in the house. Each time my mom came from the hospital from a routine check up, I used to run to the door and ask her “the new baby came?” My parents used to laugh out loud and say “not yet putta.” A little put off but hopeful nevertheless I used to wait. One of the things every elder one does.
The arrival of the little one is the best of all. It cries and cries and you look on in wonder. It looks so small and so delicate. We are scared to even touch it. When it comes home though, you can’t stop fondling the baby until your mom tells you it’s sleeping and you shouldn’t wake it up. How many times have we kept our finger in its fist waiting for it to clasp it? After a few days though we start hoping it’ll grow up soon. Sigh… how long is it going to remain small?
Ok the babies grow up. They are 4 in no time. Then our complaints start. We rave and rant that our parents love them more. We are jealous and angry. People come home and are all praise for the younger thing. “Look at her, she looks so big now! Grown up so tall!” you wonder if you exist. But when the younger one snuggles close to you in the night saying she is scared of the dark. You protect her fiercely ready to take on anyone or anything that’ll harm her.
And then they are ten and you are in your teens. You have no time for them. You have your friends circle, your school, studies, different extra-curricular activities, never ending phone conversations. At this point of time, we try to make an identity of our own. People start seeing us in a different light. They have huge expectations and we have to strive to meet each one of them. Probably at this time the younger one realizes our value. When we aren’t around that often. Now she looks on in wonder as we tackle everyday problems. She is so impressed when she realizes that we can solve her math problems so easily. That’s the time when we become the hero in their lives.
Now both of us are teenagers. The younger one copies me. I am the role model. She has my wisdom already. She has grown up so fast. She wishes her friends were as cool as mine. Little does she realize that I’ve been through what she is going through and that my so-called wisdom is only experience! I know each minute detail of her life and she mine. My baby is now my youngest best friend.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mahatma Gandhi

I saw GANDHI(the movie) again after a very long time .One of the best movies ever made. It will remain one of my favourite classic not so much for the movie, more so for my love for the Mahatma.
What screen presence mr. ben kingsley possesses! what perfect dialogue delivery, what poise he has, what a marvellous combination of drama and history.
Power packed performances, perfect faces that fit their roles to the bill.. right from Gandhi to 'Nahari' the rioting hindu.
Informative, moving,engaging, witty and an eye opener for understanding the doctrine of non-violence. The movie begins fresh and ends fresh. Exquisite acting... A treat for theatre and history lovers. The movie makes you chuckle with appreciation and cry with its subtle tragedies. Gandhi is cinematic perfection.
Please watch... without bias. (this is a request for the Gandhiji critics) i wish i didn't have to say without bias though. save your independence, cherish it, love your country. love Bapu.

Ben Kingsley, Candice Bergen, John Gielgud, Trevor Howard, Martin Sheen
Richard Attenborough
Columbia Pictures
December 8, 1982
August 21, 2001
Won 8 Oscars in 1983


My college is some 17 kilometres away.. used to travel up and down by bus. i always wanted to stay in a hostel.. As a kid, i used to beg to be sent away to boarding school. When i was cranky and threw a tantrum, my parents would say.. that i was spoilt and needed some strictness in a boarding school (like it was a threat..) I would be inwardly happy at the prospect of being away then. Hostel for me evokes the ideas of freedom, midnight feasts, lots of sports and activities,cool set of friends and late night chats.. straight out of a malory towers book. dreamer that i am, i didnt stop fantasizing about staying in a hostel even after pre- university.
Well after my pre-university i thought this was my chance to get away from home and be on my own. i was wrong wasn't i? the best college was only 17 kilometres away. again i was to stay home.. (sigh)
In my new college i got three very close friends.. two of who were hostelites. their room became our hangout. lunch break, free periods, practise sessions for dances.. everything was in their room. so unofficially my localite friend and i were hugely a part of the hostel. saturdays were half days but we used to hang out in our friends' room till 7 or 8 in the evening.. we were asked questions from our classmates in the hostel "hey you two, dont you want to go home?" and we used to say with a sheepish grin "ah well... we like it here". their jaws used to drop.. they were missing their parents, see? we were jealous of the fun they had in hostel and they of the fact that we were with our parents...
then suddenly something unexpected happened.. my mom had to go away for a month to bangalore for work. my sister and my grandad decided to join her. dad was working for long hours. where would i stay? dad thought it wasn't safe to stay alone in the house.. so.... yup! you guessed right.. i was sent away to the hostel... the exams were nearing so another strong reason to shift was to avail the library till its closing time which was 11 pm.
so my bags were packed and i was going.... going.. gone!!! to the place i wanted to get the taste of since i was a child....... this is going to be fun.. i thought. and i wasn't wrong. i stayed in the hostel for a good three months. the joys and the tears we shared, the great parties, the joint cramming for the exams, the saturday outings, the campus walks late in the night, the bonds with friends which grew stronger by the day. those amazing friendships i forged with the hostelites i thought i would never talk to. feel damn lucky... it feels like i added a new dimension to my personality by staying there for a few months... really got the best of both worlds! home and the home away from home...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A beginning

"An outlet to the chaos in my head'

Precisely how i want it to be. There is nothing more satisfying than an account of our thoughts, which we fail to do, more often than we like. 'The mind is a complex many- layered thing...its not like the pages of a book to be read at leisure.. thoughts are not etched in the inside of our skull' like snape puts it.
this blog is a rather entertaining and fun attempt to push myself a little, get rid of my laziness and write what i feel.
happy blogging to me....