Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mahatma Gandhi

I saw GANDHI(the movie) again after a very long time .One of the best movies ever made. It will remain one of my favourite classic not so much for the movie, more so for my love for the Mahatma.
What screen presence mr. ben kingsley possesses! what perfect dialogue delivery, what poise he has, what a marvellous combination of drama and history.
Power packed performances, perfect faces that fit their roles to the bill.. right from Gandhi to 'Nahari' the rioting hindu.
Informative, moving,engaging, witty and an eye opener for understanding the doctrine of non-violence. The movie begins fresh and ends fresh. Exquisite acting... A treat for theatre and history lovers. The movie makes you chuckle with appreciation and cry with its subtle tragedies. Gandhi is cinematic perfection.
Please watch... without bias. (this is a request for the Gandhiji critics) i wish i didn't have to say without bias though. save your independence, cherish it, love your country. love Bapu.

Ben Kingsley, Candice Bergen, John Gielgud, Trevor Howard, Martin Sheen
Richard Attenborough
Columbia Pictures
December 8, 1982
August 21, 2001
Won 8 Oscars in 1983


Kautilya said...

A critic can never be unbiased.
I am a big critic of Gandhi.

He was certainly one of the gr8 mans' but, somewhere his ideology made him weak. Actually, Doves like Gandhi and bitter guys like Hitler, signifies weakness. they both are extremes. A strength comes from Moderation and not extremes.

But its a nice movie with some powerful performances.

an experience...nothing short of it said...

ah well every great man has equal number of followerss and critics. his ideologies making him weak is very true. no man is perfect. he was merely being human.

aravind366 said...
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aravind366 said...

M K Gandhi..... the name that is no less than innnumerable, immortal dieties described in lengths, worshipped n marvelled throughout the history of our blessed nation....
Well the mystery of mahatma is that his followers were so enthusiastic to follow him n valued his principles so much that they forget he was human... his post-independence political errors were overlooked chauvinstically, n welcomed as nothing less than blessings from above... he was a great leader, a saint.. rock solid determination n divine wisdom were his greatest attributes... but v needed a ruler to take the country from freedom towards development.... a politician(not the popular notion bout the word pls)...
after all, its bad policy to go 'satyagraha(v)' askin ur own ppl to pay the aggresor(pakistan in 1947) his share of the partition....

an experience...nothing short of it said...

oh he was a politician. have no doubt about that.. an extremely shrewd man. shrewdness coupled with non violence was fatal to the empire. dont forget how he got the 'mahatma' title.. the farmers gave him that. swadeshi movement IS development. dont you think?