Monday, September 21, 2009

Evil Geppetto

"Lets break her spirit",
The manipulator whispered to himself,
Lull her into a delusional sense;
Let her fall hard,
Again, and again, and again.

Limerance, let her experience,
Let dreams haunt her even in wakefulness;
Let her despair show in every moment,
Let her neglect, her body and mind.

Now gloating at his marionette, the manipulator looked at her,
She sits in a corner, staring into space.
Plucking out her crown hair one by one,
Picking her nose, hearing voices.
Her ragged clothes cling to her body,
She hasn’t looked at herself, delusions.. nihilistic.. haha


Poor puppeteer, poor manipulator, He pities you.
She sits there alone, unkempt.
But you only think you have her spirit.
But another puppeteer, He made sure,
Her spirit is hers alone.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


As I danced around the fire, a flying cinder burned my toe; I bent down to tend to it.
I looked up, gasped, shocked by the throng of figures, around the fire. Evil faces, full of hate. Squinting at the burning mass, I thought I saw my face on the effigy’s.