Monday, September 21, 2009

Evil Geppetto

"Lets break her spirit",
The manipulator whispered to himself,
Lull her into a delusional sense;
Let her fall hard,
Again, and again, and again.

Limerance, let her experience,
Let dreams haunt her even in wakefulness;
Let her despair show in every moment,
Let her neglect, her body and mind.

Now gloating at his marionette, the manipulator looked at her,
She sits in a corner, staring into space.
Plucking out her crown hair one by one,
Picking her nose, hearing voices.
Her ragged clothes cling to her body,
She hasn’t looked at herself, delusions.. nihilistic.. haha


Poor puppeteer, poor manipulator, He pities you.
She sits there alone, unkempt.
But you only think you have her spirit.
But another puppeteer, He made sure,
Her spirit is hers alone.


Anonymous said...

One word.


freudian slip said...


Spark Star said...

ahh.. nice... I read it thrice, and each time it resonated a little more with my mind.
Hey, plz do write more, if u can dispense some time :)

I am keeping a copy of this poem to read in leisure in a better state of mind, if it doesn't oppose you. Don't worry, I won't publish it under my name. lol

Btw, I have doubts, what does geppetto and limerance mean. I didn't get it in dictionary.

Ketan said...

Hello Freudian Slip,

Firstly, how do you prefer me to address you? And please don't say, 'as you wish'! That won't resolve my dilemma!

Regarding this post, it was very informative! Why? 'cuz I'd to look up:

1. Limerance
2. Marionette
3. Geppetto

And after I looked up all that, enjoyed the piece. :)

Guess, what I read the entire synopsis of Pinocchio on Wikipedia!

Who's the other puppeteer? And why if, he made sure she'd always have her soul, this time (in the descriptiion), the manipulator is successful? Or are you suggesting, the other puppeteer is such that he also has the manipulator's strings in his hands? ;)

freudian slip said...

hey chiya,
thanks for liking it.
sure u can save it.

limerance is a rather intense feeling of love. from what i ve understood of the meaning of limerance, its a self destructing kind because of forgetting one's own self and being intensely pre occupied with the object (mostly person) of limerance to the extent of it being unhealthy or in our words, pathological.

geppetto is the puppeteer who makes Pinocchio in the story. He is actually nice old man with a heart full of love but in my poem I’ve actually unfairly used his name to mean puppeteer in general.

freudian slip said...

@ ketan
U can address me as Freud. :P kidding. I am sure he wouldn’t approve. My name is apoorva.
Yes the manipulator is successful in having her soul albeit only temporarily. But there is a bigger guy up there somewhere i.e. god or a higher force;( yes I know u r an atheist  gathered as much from your blog ) who pulls all the strings existing, even the manipulator’s. You got it right. 
So He made sure that her mind/ soul is hers alone. No one can destroy anyone completely.

Keshi said...

wow brilliant!


freudian slip said...

thanks keshi

Anonymous said...
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