Sunday, September 06, 2009


As I danced around the fire, a flying cinder burned my toe; I bent down to tend to it.
I looked up, gasped, shocked by the throng of figures, around the fire. Evil faces, full of hate. Squinting at the burning mass, I thought I saw my face on the effigy’s.


jrm said...

I would appreciate credit and a link back for the use of my photo, thanks.

Spark Star said...

having tough time interpreting them, and getting curious.
What inspired those words? Or were they just spontaneous,

and I love this quality of writing.

Hey why don't you write more of it?? Would love to read more..

Ketan said...

Such misanthropy? ;)

Never mind, happened with me, too. Two years back. Just had to blur the distinction between friendship and acquaintance, that's all! Simple! :)

freudian slip said...

wrote this in a burst of emotion slash creativity.
thanks :)

have exams coming up in two months. dont think i can write till then. will keep visiting ur blogs to read though.

freudian slip said...


nah, i get too emotionally involved wit whatever few relationships i manage to forge with a few people.

blurring distinction between friendship and acquaintance is good advice though.

Reflections said...

I'm sorry....but it happens...such is life:-))

buzzinga!!!! said...

Legen.. wait for it, dary.. seriously